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The Adult Trilogy consists of three books:

Book one is: First Adult


Book two:  The Death of Violence


Book three is untitled at this time, currently in writing by David.

First Adult


In a technologically advanced galaxy torn apart by war and strife, powerful beings known as 'Adults' command enormous respect. Ikara is the 'First' on his world, the title given to the most powerful Adult on a planet.  His mission is to track down and train gifted being from other worlds.

After many disenchanted journeys to war-torn Earth, Ikara finally discovers Samuel - a small town lawyer.

The training is simple.

Ikara will just give Samuel a story, and in the giving, all will be revealed. But this is no simple tale, told from one being to another. This story will be 'mind transferred' a process with all the punch of reality.  Samuel will have to live through the story as though he was in it.

If Samuel can survive the story, he will become the most powerful human in history.

If he does not, he will be dead.

Available in Hardback, soft cover and e-book



The DEATH of Violence

ISBN-978-1-922527-08-0  paperback

IN THE SECOND book of this sci-fi trilogy with a utopian twist, Samuel, a small-town lawyer, is selected to lead Earth towards a new, peaceful future. His instructor, from the planet Daen, is from a race called the Eshari, who have been following the progress of planet Earth for centuries. Samuel receives intensive training to become an advanced form of human – an ʻAdultʼ – to guide the human race away from their primal and violent urges.

With powerful people and entire governments rendered unable to stand against him, Samuel begins to make changes. Rock Knighton, the worldʼs master criminal who controls most of the crime on the planet, sees his empire shrinking as a result of Samuelʼs changes. He plans Samuelʼs downfall, using the vast resources at his disposal. The arrival of an alien spaceship that accidentally crash lands near a school controlled by Rock provides him with the treasure trove of advanced technology he needs to defeat the enhanced being Samuel. The showdown between Samuel and Rock leaves Earthʼs future hanging in the balance.



Available in Hardback, soft cover and e-book



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