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The Death of



The Death of Violence  is the second book of the Adult Trilogy. This is the second novel written by David, and sets up the story in the final book of the trilogy.

In this book:

The worlds master criminal sees his world shrinking after an Alien trained human takes over. Having to become the world’s defender of the status quo, he is forced to challenge for world domination. The irresistible force meets the immovable object head on, with the fate of the world riding on the outcome.


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This is a book that any Sci-Fi fan would greedily consume and be left eagerly awaiting the next in the series.

Pacific Book Review





Alomes doesn’t do an easy out, one of those hated deus ex machinas. Instead, he just whets your appetite for more. This installment is the first in the series. So, when reading, don’t fear about your favorite characters (who likely won’t be either Samuel or Ikara) because their messy fates and deliciously complex problems are only beginning.

Pacific Book Review


With a vivid universe and empathetic characters, this novel is a quick and engaging read that just might restore a little faith in humanity.

Clarion Review

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