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IT's ALMOST here !

Hi all.

Well, its been quite the journey, through two rounds of readings with my book coach (thank you Suzy), Two rounds of professional edits (thank you Gail) and my Beta Readers - Followed by cover design and typesetting. But we are there (well - almost).

Anyway, lets get the good bit out first - Here is the front Cover of the Second Book of the Adult Trilogy - The DEATH of Violence.

Exciting eh?

I'm looking forward to seeing the actual book in print, both soft cover and hard cover.

All things being equal, I expect these will be up on Amazon etc within the new two weeks - but I'll let you know when.

I'm also looking at a book launch in Hobart, and I'll provide details of that once confirmed.

Lastly, for those keeping track, I'm well advanced on the final book of the trilogy. The story arc is plotted, the characters are developed and the writing underway.

Well - thats all the excitement for now.


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Patricia Shotton
Patricia Shotton
Dec 19, 2020

Looking forward to a good read David 👍 Congratulations 🙋‍♀️

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